About us

Our preschool's focus includes child safety, multilingualism and integration. The preschool is located in Järva, close to parks, forests and nature, and we spend a lot of time outside. We give children the opportunity to experience and learn where their curiosity and discovery can be encouraged.


Our preschool uses language-developing methods and exploratory approach throughout the days. We work with educational documentation, we observe and reflect on the way we work to develop our preschool. We document what the children do to make it visible and to show the childrens learningprocess.

Our educators create the best conditions for the children's development by providing, in a permissive environment, the opportunity to work with materials that invite fun and exploratory play. We serve well planed nutritious food.

Opening hours

Usual opening hours are 7:00-17:30 mon- fre  and 6:30-18:30 by parent request since our opening hours of preschool are based on the parents' needs.

How to apply

The registration is made through the Stockholm City e-service at stockholm.se

Or in the nearest national office. For those of you with protected identity or without bank-id, the application can be made by filling out this form found at stockholm.se

Queues system

Vacancies are distributed to queuing children according to the following order.

1. Children with special needs for support for their development has priorty according to the Swedish educational act chapter 8, section 9.

2. Children with siblings in the same household already enrolled in the preschool.

3. Children with the longest queing time to preschool. If several children have the same queuing time.

The earliest possible queue date is the child's six-month day. If you apply for a pre-school place earlier, the date of the queue will be the child's six-month day.










Contact us


Khalid Abdirahman Egal


08-36 82 10

Preschool director Rinkeby

Aicha Ourjdal


070-729 00 71

Preschool director Tensta, Husby & Kvarnby

Fardowsa Isse



Head of staff

Zahra Daoudi


08-36 60 75

070-480 35 45



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